perftactix logoEnhancing production through engineered completion designs is the key to increasing well profitability in today’s challenging economic environment. The traditional approach to perforating placement in horizontal wells with geometrically spaced perforating clusters and stages does not take into account toe-to-heel heterogeneity and often results in a number of perforation clusters that do not contribute to well performance. Production logging data has shown that as much as 40% of perforations may not adequately accept treating fluid, resulting in non-optimized stimulation of the targeted reservoir.

To improve well stimulation and productivity, GR Energy Services offers the PerfTactix* 5-step program, which utilizes drilling, mud logging and formation evaluation data to optimize completions. The resulting answer product precisely positions stages and perforation clusters along the wellbore by targeting rock with similar geomechanical and producibility properties. The program selects the ideal stage spacing, perforation cluster placement, and shaped charge and gun system design to ensure higher-payback hydraulic fracturing operations. Highly efficient plug-n-perf field execution and post-frac monitoring provide unmatched performance compared to traditional approaches.

Completion engineers who utilize the PerfTactix methodology will realize improved well completion and production results through:

  • Targeting rock with similar properties within the stage to achieve more even proppant distribution across all perforation clusters, which leads to enhanced production
  • Improving formation breakdown and decreasing the chance of screen-out by placing perforations in consistent rock and selecting appropriate shaped charges for fracture treatment
  • Optimizing the perforating system to improve delivery and fracturing performance
  • Continuous improvement of wellsite operations and future frac designs.

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perftactix answer product

PerfTactix answer product takes the guesswork out of stage length and perforation cluster placement decisions to improve the effectiveness of hydraulic fracture operations.

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5-step PerfTactix Method

The PerfTactix five-step method varies with well complexity and value. When all five steps are employed, a closed-loop optimization process can be achieved by

  • Evaluating perforation cluster placement
  • Selecting shaped charges and gun phasing to ensure a better frac
  • Choosing the components required for an ultra-efficient gun system
  • Executing a highly efficient wellsite operation
  • Diagnosing well profiles cost effectively during production.

 5 step perftactix

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GR Single-Source* completion and production solution

A PerfTactix engineered completion is the first phase of the unique GR Energy Services completion and production solution. After the plug-n-perf completion is fracked, the Flex Flow* horizontal pumping system and hydraulic jet pump provides a proven lift solution from flowback through early production. The system cost effectively handles a wide range of rates and eliminates the common issues of gas locking and solids handling. As production declines, GR can install the Hi-ROI* PCP progressive cavity pump system to overcome the shortcomings of rod lift and ESPs in horizontal wells. The GR Single-Source completion and production solution establishes an unmatched chain of accountability for fit-for-purpose equipment and reliable service and engineering support for the life of the well.

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perftactix table1

A traditional geometric completion design for frac staging does not account for toe-to-heel heterogeneity. The table below shows the optimum design.

perftactix table2

Stage length and perf cluster placement are optimized to enhance production. The table above shows a suboptimum geometric design.

perftactix table3

ZoneGrader analysis segments the lateral into six similar geomechanical and producibility segments.