diagnostixAnswers from downhole measurements made with fiber optic cables deployed with traditional wireline- or tractor-conveyed cement bond, corrosion and production logging tools can dramatically improve drilling, completion and production decisions.

GR Energy Services offers a range of efficient and cost-effective Diagnostix* services by combining multiple optical fibers and a copper wire electrical conductor in the same armored cable. The electrical conductor enables the cable to be tractor deployed in deviated and horizontal wellbores, and allows for the real-time acquisition from traditional logging sensors. The optical fibers enable distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) surveys to be conducted. Unlike conventional wireline measurements, DTS/DAS technology permits the entire wellbore to be simultaneously surveyed in real time. This unique ability allows the technology to detect and monitor downhole events that standard wireline-conveyed logging tools may not identify.

Diagnostix services include:

  • Leak detection
  • Well integrity monitoring
  • Enhanced production logging
  • Production and injection well profiling
  • Artificial lift optimization
  • Well interference

Rated to 300°F, the cable used to convey Diagnostix downhole services is compatible with standard wireline pressure control equipment, monoconductor cased hole and PL tools and downhole tractors.

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*Diagnostix is a mark of GR Energy Services.

Diagnostix Answer

diagnostix warmback survey

Post-injection DTS warmback survey used to establish a relative injectivity profile.