Even the most meticulously planned and executed drilling operations can experience problems with stuck pipe. When stuck pipe cannot be freed from the hole without damage and without exceeding the drilling rig’s maximum allowed hook load, GR Energy Services can intervene to help mitigate the time and cost of fishing and reduce the possibility of having to abandon tools in the hole.

Whatever your pipe recovery needs, the GR Energy Services field team has advanced knowledge of each type of recovery device, having had comprehensive training that covers all technical and safety aspects of pipe recovery operations. They can identify the location of the stuck pipe, then help you make a plan based on the optimal method for recovery operations in your well.

GR offers multiple services to aid in pipe recovery:

  • Motorized Free Point Tool—Determines the stuck point in the pipe, tubing or casing string
  • String Shot Backoff—Uses a calculated quantity of detonating cord to produce a shock wave that releases a target pipe joint
  • Split Shot—A small-diameter jet cutter that makes a vertical cut designed to allow the pipe to be recovered without additional drag or damage to the casing
  • Severing Tool—Combines explosives and multi-detonating fuses to induce a powerful shock-wave collision that cuts heavy tubulars
  • Jet Cutter—Integrates a circumferential jet charge to cut a broad range of tubulars, from coiled tubing to casing
  • Radial Cutting Torch—Without the use of explosives or hazardous materials, makes a clean cut with no change to the OD of tubing, casing, drill pipe and coiled tubing
  • Chemical Cutter—Produces a clean cut that saves time and provides total control of the cut without affecting the external casing or adjacent pipe

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chemical cutter

Pipe cut with Chammas Chemical Cutter