gr ziplok logoGR Energy Services offers the efficiency and safety of ZipLok* wellhead rig-up and rig-down equipment. ZipLok significantly reduces operating time by quickly connecting and disconnecting the equipment string to the wellhead. And with remote hydraulic actuation, personnel no longer have to connect equipment dangling above the wellhead by hand, thus reducing the chance of injury.

The ZipLok adapter drops in easily with an oversized, highly visible entry guide. Six hydraulic cams seal the connection remotely with the locking ring securing the cams. This process eliminates time-wasting activities such as manually positioning the string to make the connection.

ZipLok equipment reduces costly operating time and protects personnel from injuries that can occur during rig-up and rig-down operations.

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 riglock 1   An oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures proper equipment placement.
 riglock 2   Six hydraulic-actuated cams seal the connection remotely, saving the time required to position personnel at the wellhead.
 riglock 3   The mechanical locking ring secures the cams in place even during the loss of hydraulic power.

ZipLok System

The ZipLok system eliminates the need for a crew member to work at heights, which enables stimulation operations to continue during well-to-well wireline transitions. This wellsite efficiency maximizes total available pumping time.

ZipLok Control Module

The ZipLok system includes a control module that is capable of conducting a highly efficient wireline lubricator pressure test via an integrated quick-test sub. The system also incorporates a programmable logic controller tied to a well pressure monitor to ensure a safe release from the wellhead. Multiple hydraulic release devices can be operated from a single control module, which reduces the footprint on location.

*ZipLok is a mark of GR Energy Services.

riglock actuation

With remote, hydraulic actuation, the ZipLok system reduces operating time and ensures the safety of personnel working at the wellsite. The locking connection maintains pressure for beginning operations.


ZipLok System