PCPs are growing in popularity for usage in challenging wells in U.S. land basins where other forms of artificial lift have proved to be less successful. Historically developed to produce highly viscous crude (heavy oil), PCPs today are being used where gas and solids cause short runlife failures in other forms of lift. GR Energy Services offers Hi-ROI* PCP progressive cavity pump systems that provide many advantages over other forms of conventional artificial lift:

  • Equal or greater lift volume at 50% to 30% less overall cost
  • No pulsations
  • Simple installation
  • Low investment
  • High efficiency (>65% of volumetric V/V)
  • Unaffected by gas slugging and gas locking
  • Small surface footprint and low noise level
  • Capable of handling high solids content
  • Excellent for pumping viscous fluids
  • Even wall thickness, which enables higher tolerance to pressure, temperature, corrosive fluids, etc.
  • Incorporates advanced elastomer technology

The reliable equipment, service and support that GR Energy Services delivers make us the higher return-on-investment choice.

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Benefits of using a PCP system

PCP systems use a positive displacement pump with a helical rotor powered from the surface by an electric power drive that transmits rotary motion to a string of drive rods connected to the downhole rotor housed within a stator. The static part of the pump is the stator that contains an elastomeric cavity structure with the ability to warp and recover.

The dimensions of the rotor and stator are designed to produce an interference, which creates seal lines that define the cavities. When the rotor turns, these cavities move—or progress in an upward motion—in a combined movement of translation and rotation providing positive displacement of the well fluid to the surface.

Hi-ROI PCP system capabilities

Many features of the Hi-ROI PCP system make it a better choice in challenging oilfield environments. The pump operates efficiently in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells. With a low surface profile, these systems can be installed in high-density or limited-space areas. PCPs can sustain production rates of 5 to 4,500 BFPD over a wide range of fluid gravities, including highly viscous fluids that other artificial lift methods cannot handle. And most importantly, PCPs have excellent gas and solids handling for challenging wells where rod lift and ESP systems experience frequent failures due to operational interruptions from gas or abrasive and erosive wear from sand production.

*Hi-ROI is a mark of GR Energy Services.

hi roi pcp system

Reliable Production

pcp production table

PCPs provide reliable production in the most challenging wells.