Excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance is a core value for GR Energy Services, and it is the responsibility of every member of the GR team. We are committed to operate in a safe and responsible manner and to protect our people, contractors and customers along with the environment while providing cost-effective, quality services to our customers. We aim to be a recognized leader in our industry for HSE performance in the eyes of our employees, contractors, customers, and the public.

Our Goals

  • No one gets hurt
  • No environmental damage
  • Enhance our business through continuous improvement of HSE
  • Excellence in HSE performance

Our Commitment

  • Develop, maintain and implement an Integrated HSE Management System that includes a workplace HSE Program, management systems, guidelines, policies, procedures, training, and appropriate support information.
  • Create a work environment where we identify workplace risks and mitigate them through proactive programs for incident prevention, assessment, and analysis.
  • Hold all employees accountable for their safety responsibilities in their respective departments, jobs, crews, or workplaces.
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of all laws, regulations, applicable industry standards, best practices, and customer expectations.
  • Create a "partnership" with contractors, suppliers, and other third parties to achieve our goals by mutual HSE commitment and aligned management systems.
  • Provide and maintain a program of continuous improvement by establishing annual HSE objectives and targets, and achieve them by implementing, monitoring, measuring, and reporting HSE performance.
  • Eliminate unnecessary risks.
  • Maintain an "open door" policy to all employees, management, contractors, customers, and third parties for continual improvement of GR’s HSE performance.
  • Promote a philosophy that incident prevention reduces human suffering and loss, while it is also good for business and improves service to our customers.
  • Empower all employees with the responsibility to stop a job they feel is unsafe.

This policy statement serves to express GR’s commitment to providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace. Compliance with these safe practices, in addition to those of regulatory agencies or GR customers, is required of all employees as a condition of continued employment.

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