GR Energy Services offers Chammas Chemical Cutter technology for retrieving stuck casing, pipe, coiled tubing and drill pipe. A variety of sizes are available, from 11⁄16-in. to 8 1⁄4-in. cutters that can be used in 1-in. coiled tubing up to 9 5⁄8-in. casing. By using a high-velocity oxidizing chemical, Chammas Chemical Cutters make clean cuts that eliminate the need to redress the top of the fish. Milling is eliminated when cutting the internal sleeve of a packer, and total control is achieved over the part that needs to be cut without affecting the external casing or adjacent pipe. Chammas Cutters are compatible with most common firing systems in use, can be used when there is clear fluid in the wellbore, and are fully retrievable with zero residual debris.

chemical cutters

Chammas Chemical Cutters are available in a variety of sizes to allow for string restrictions.