In addition to our standard cased hole logging and perforating, GR offers proprietary services and equipment that provide unique value. The PerfTactix* service integrates drilling and formation evaluation data with advanced analysis software to optimally place stage and perforation clusters along the wellbore and to select the ideal shaped charge and gun system for the completion. Our logging-while-tripping service provides affordable, fast, openhole-quality logging data by logging while tripping pipe in vertical, deviated, horizontal and extended-reach wells. And by combining multiple optical fibers and a copper wire electrical conductor in the same armored cable, the GR Diagnostix* service provides answers that can dramatically improve drilling, completion and production decisions.

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  • ZIP Well Intervention
  • Wireline perforating
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating
  • Pumpdown perforating
  • Addressable switches
  • RF safe perforating
  • Wireline release and cable monitoring
  • Plugs, packers and retainers
Pipe recovery
  • Free-point indication and backoff
  • Cutters and severing tools
  • Braided line services
Pressure control
  • 5 kpsi, 10 kpsi, 15 kpsi
  • Crane trucks
  • Up to 50 tons

PerfTactix, Diagnostix and ZIP Well Intervention are marks of GR Energy Services.

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