When a quick answer is needed to determine suspected tubing or casing issues, the GR team can deploy a multifinger caliper tool that gathers data for quantifying scale build-up, detects casing deformation such as bending, fractures, holes and inner wall corrosion, and identifies tubular damage and drill pipe wear. Individual fingers of the tool are used to make high-density measurements that aid in analyzing suspected casing issues.

Depending on the well requirements, the GR wellsite team can deploy a 24-, 40- or 56-arm tool in 1 11⁄16-, 2 7⁄8- and 3 1⁄2-in. tubulars. Logging data is then processed to obtain casing inner face imaging, circumferential profile imaging and cynlindrical 3D imaging to clearly reveal any casing damage. By using relative azimuth, the effect of tool rotation can also be adjusted.

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multifinger joint analysis

Joint-by-joint analysis

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MIPS viewer

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MFC log on Warrior Logging System

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