gr ziprelease logoWhen working in borehole conditions that may pose a risk of wireline tools or guns becoming stuck, GR Energy Services offers the ZipRelease* addressable wireline release tool to safely and efficiently disconnect from a stuck tool assembly. This capability is especially beneficial in extended lateral wells where it is not possible to achieve enough downhole cable head force to part at a conventional wireline weak point.

A ballistic tool, the ZipRelease tool can be used when the gun system comprises addressable or conventional pressure-activated switches. It requires no shock sub and can be lifted with any tool string without requiring any additional rig-up device, resulting in highly efficient rig-up operations.

To disconnect, a fail-safe specific code is sent from surface to the addressable switch, which supplies current to fire the detonator. Upon actuation, the separation collar expands and actuates a shear ring to sever the equalizing plug inside the wireline release tool. The tool is then released, allowing the wireline cable and any tool assemblies to be safely removed from the well, and leaving the remaining tool assembly downhole with a clean, retrievable fishing neck. The ZipRelease tool can be run independently or as part of the GR ZIP Intervention Platform*.

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*ZipRelease and ZIP Intervention Platform are marks of GR Energy Services.


  • Ensures an efficient fishing job with the tool string separating as intended
  • Eliminates parting of the wireline during an overpull, which can leave hundreds of feet of cable in the well
  • Prevents accidental release by incorporating multiple fail-safe systems and stronger weak points

ZipRelease Addressable Wireline Release Tool