zip well intervention logoThe ZIP Intervention Platform* has been developed by GR Energy Services to optimize safety, wellsite efficiency and perforating placement for fracture stimulation. This innovative technology platform has proved to maximize total available pumping time, reduce risk and lower the total cost of operations. The ZIP Intervention Platform encompasses eight unique technology solutions.

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Conventional wireline pressure control equipment, perforating gun systems, setting tools and monitoring systems were not developed for today’s high-paced multiwell-pad zipper-frac operations, which sometimes approach 20 wireline perforating runs per day. As the number of stages per day and guns per stage continues to increase, maintaining a high level of service quality and efficiency becomes extremely challenging for wellsite personnel. The ZIP Intervention Platform offers operators fit-for-purpose, optimized technologies for zipper fracs that help

  • Reduce risk to personnel — no stabbing tools at height in a high-pressure zone
  • Speed up wellsite gun string set-up operations
  • Enable faster and safer run in/out of hole
  • Lower the risk of stuck gun strings and fishing jobs
  • Improve plug setting efficiency
  • Optimize perforating effectiveness.

No other technology matches ZIP performance when measured by reducing risk, decreasing operating time and cost, and maximizing total available pumping time.

GR ZIP Intervention Platform

See ZipLok, ZipLift and ZipDrop in Action

ZipLokZipLok*A remotely operated, hydraulic wireline pressure control equipment release device that removes personnel from the risk of conducting operations in a high-pressure red zone. ZipLok also eliminates the need for a crew member to work at heights, which enables stimulation operations to continue during well-to-well wireline transitions. The ZipLok system includes a control module that is capable of conducting a highly efficient wireline lubricator pressure test via an integrated quick-test sub, incorporates a programmable logic controller tied to a well pressure monitor to ensure a safe release from the wellhead, and can operate multiple hydraulic release devices from a single control module, reducing the footprint on location.

ZipLift*An assembly that removes or installs the nightcap, which protects against debris falling into the well and serves as a critical pressure barrier that maintains well integrity during operations. The ZipLift assembly straddles the ZipLok entry guide. When activated, the red ZipLok locking ring and the six hydraulic cams are released to allow the ZipLift arms to remove the nightcap. The arms of the ZipLift are above the wellhead only for a short period of time, and because the arms fully retract, crane operations can be conducted without restriction.

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ZipDrop*An optical remote ball dropper that saves time and eliminates the need for personnel to work at heights or in the red zone to place a ball in the top of the wellhead.

ZipSquad*—A portless, addressable, pre-wired compact gun string designed to achieve the lowest plug-n-perf operating time and the highest reliability. The gun system enables the maximum number of perforating guns to be deployed in a single run.

ZipSet*A one-time-use, disposable setting tool that significantly decreases string length, operating time and the chance of human error. The disposable nature of the tool ensures all tolerances are within specifications, leading to optimal plug-setting performance.

ZipRelease*A downhole addressable release tool that, upon sending a unique command, can release from a stuck tool string, allowing the wireline to be safely removed from the wellbore.

ZipView*—Real-time monitoring of depth, tension, pumpdown pressure, deviation and tool location integrated with live log data to provide a 3D image of the downhole operation. This image can be displayed in the wireline unit and transmitted to a customer location so the field crew and customer have a live view of the operation to make more informed decisions.

*ZIP Intervention Platform, ZipLok, ZipLift, ZipDrop, ZipSquad, ZipSet, ZipRelease and ZipView are marks of GR Energy Services.

ZIP increases stages/day

Opportunity—After 19 days and only 110 stages completed (5.7/day) on a multiwell pad with horizontal wells, an operator switched from conventional plug-n-perf operations to the ZIP Intervention Platform from GR Energy Services.

Customer objective—The operator wanted to significantly increase stages per day and achieve zero safety and operational incidents.

Method—The ZIP Intervention Platform optimizes wellsite safety and wireline completion efficiency to maximize frac pumping time.

Results—During the first 19 days, 110 stages were completed with conventional plug-n-perf technology for an average 5.7 stages/day. During days 20 to 31, 104 stages were completed using the ZIP Intervention Platform to achieve 9.5 stages/day.

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ZIP maximizes total available pumping time

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