GR Energy Services offers ZipLine* cable, a polymer-sealed, low-friction, environmentally friendly wireline technology that eliminates the need for conventional grease injection systems and greatly reduces downhole cable friction. Using the ZipLine cable allows wireline operations to be conducted in difficult well trajectories and long laterals, extending the reach and improving the efficiency of plug-and-perf operations.

The cable features a rugged, low-friction outer polymer jacket and an inner polymer sleeve, providing a dual-sealing protective pressure barrier. This barrier minimizes fluid migration and allows a simple packoff to be utilized for pressure containment, resulting in safe, clean and efficient operations.

The polymer-encapsulated ZipLine cable provides the following advantages:

  • Eliminates torque issues to achieve higher running speeds for increased wellsite efficiency
  • Reduces friction via a smooth jacket profile, which enables deployment in difficult wellbores and reduces the potential for damage to the casing
  • Requires a shorter time per stage with faster run-in/run-out in horizontal and vertical sections
  • Lowers NPT resulting from loose armor, high stranding, bird caging and loss of normalization
  • Incorporates a torque-neutral design that does not require cable armors to be tightened, thus allowing continuous running time during multistage pad operations
  • Minimizes friction by up to 40% compared to conventional wireline, which reduces frictional damage to casing strings, impedes jacket wear and provides resistance to stimulation fluids and proppant
  • Eliminates the need for wireline grease, reducing environmental impact

Saving time, reducing cost

Run independently or used as part of the ZIP* Intervention Platform, ZipLine cable enables wireline operations to take place in the most challenging wellbore environments. It delivers the most efficient plug-and-perf process for operators looking to maximize pumping time and complete maximum stages per day.

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gr zipline cable on wireline truck

ZipLine cable incorporates a chemical- and abrasion-resistant jacket that reduces friction and wear on the casing, and eliminates the need for grease injection and the associated equipment and costs.

gr zipline cable design

Conventional cable (left) has torque inherent in the design, with interstices between the wires that leave voids that can cause pressure loss. ZipLine cable (right) features double-seal technology with an inner polymer sleeve between the inner and outer armors, and a specially formulated outer polymer jacket.

gr zipline cable friction

ZipLine cable greatly reduces downhole cable friction compared to conventional wireline cables, resulting in lower wireline tension, enabling faster wireline speeds and increased reach, and improving the efficiency of plug-and-perf operations.

*ZipLine and ZIP are marks of GR Energy Services.

Significant economic impact

Operators conducting multiwell pad operations that utilize the complete ZIP Intervention Platform have experienced an increase of 2 to 3 stages per day.

All in all, the cleaner ZipLine cable translates into safer operations, an important benefit in any completions scenario. Contact your GR Energy Services representative today to learn more about how ZipLine cable means heightened safety and reduced expense for your operations.

gr zipline rigup 1

gr zipline rigup 2

gr zipline specifications