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The GR Energy Services Flex Flow* HPS SWD system integrates a surface horizontal pumping system with variable speed drives, surface controls and automated reporting capabilities to lower the total cost of operations of saltwater disposal. With trailer-mounted or permanent installations, the Flex Flow HPS SWD system offers significant cost and performance advantages over conventional triplex positive displacement pumps. The system uses field-proven multistage centrifugal pumps designed for high pressure, low- to medium-flow saltwater transfer and injection. Surface facilities engineers using these systems have documented lower maintenance and repair costs, longer run life and greater operating flexibility and efficiency.

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Horizontal Pumping System for Saltwater Disposal

Trailer-mounted horizontal pumping system.


GR application engineers can tailor the Flex Flow HPS system to handle 10 BFPD to 100,000 BFPD with the following components:

  • Centrifugal pump, consisting of stages, each with one impeller and one diffuser.
  • 480-V, 3,500-rpm motor, with three horsepower options—100, 300 and 500 hp.
  • Thrust chamber, which carries the thrust load developed by the multistage pump. It connects to the motor shaft on one end and the pump shaft on the other.
  • VFD with HP/kVA delivery capabilities.
  • Dual-pot filter system for suction.
  • Charge pump for suction, which supplies power fluids from the tanks to the HPS.
  • 40-ft trailer with stabilizers or a variety of permanent installation options.


  • Cost-effective rental options for temporary installs to provide testing for permanent equipment or to replace equipment under repair
  • Lease-to-own or staged purchase options for permanent saltwater disposal

*Flex Flow is a mark of GR Energy Services.

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horizontal pumping system for saltwater disposal

Additional applications

  • Enhanced oil recovery systems
  • Gathering systems
  • Production and separation systems
  • Steam-generating plants/distribution systems
  • Storage systems
  • Crude oil and NGL boosting and transfer
  • Process fluids transfer

Why use Flex Flow HPS for SWD?

Using HPS for SWD

A GR SWD Performance Advisor can create a business case comparing a Flex Flow HPS SWD system to traditional triplex positive displacement pumps or other types of pumps.