When a drilling or workover string gets stuck in the well, the culprits are usually poor borehole conditions, wellbore fluid properties, formation characteristics or assembly problems. The first step in performing backoff operations is to accurately determine the location of the stuck pipe. The GR Motorized Free Point Tool produces real-time data that allows the operator to quickly choose the next best steps for recovering the stuck downhole assembly.

The Motorized Free Point Tool’s controlled electronics protect against damage to gear and drive assemblies, and the tool has seven interchangeable anchoring systems for different applications. It also features a built-in casing collar locator, solid-state electronic motor control and full open/close sensors. The sensors pick up movements in the assembly associated with tension, compression or torque measurements, and convert them to an AC signal. This signal is processed at the surface by a separate Free Point Panel that provides control functionality to the tool.

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free point backoff depth

Stuck pipe can be determined by the Motorized Free Point Tool and illustrated so that the operator can determine the ideal depth to perform backoff operations. In this example, the ideal depth would be between 3,740 and 3,750 ft.