Without using explosives or hazardous chemicals, the GR Radial Cutting Torch is one of the safest pipe-cutting tools in the industry. Used to cut tubing, casing, drill pipe and coiled tubing in any well conditions, it can operate in temperatures up to 500°F and pressures up to 20 kpsi. The Radial Cutting Torch produces a flare-free cut without swelling, which helps minimize downtime and the associated costs. The tool incorporates a thermal generator, which ignites and activates the primary fuel load to produce highly energized plasma that causes an increase in internal pressure. Once the pressure produced inside the torch exceeds that of the wellbore, the protective sleeve is displaced, exposing the nozzle to the wellbore. Plasma moves through the nozzle to cut the target.

The Radial Cutting Torch used by GR can cut up to 9 5⁄8-in. casing. In addition to torch sizes for standard applications, undersized torches are available for wellbores with restrictions.