Tech Briefs

Maximizing Total Available Pumping Time with Innovative Wireline Completion Technologies

Horizontal well completion trends have migrated toward multiwell pads with zipper fracs that

  • Optimize spacing and stacking
  • Increase lateral length with some approaching 20,000 ft
  • Have a greater number of frac stages, as high as 100 stages per well
  • Reduce stage lengths from 250 to 300 ft down to 150 to 200 ft
  • Space up to 30 perforation clusters as close as 10 ft apart.

This trend requires an extremely safe and efficient execution approach specifically designed for these multiwell pads. The optimization goal is to lower completion time, reduce risk, decrease operating cost and maximize total available pumping time.

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Permian Basin Saltwater Disposal Performance Package

The GR Energy Services Flex Flow* HPS SWD system integrates a surface horizontal pumping system with variable speed drives, surface controls and automated reporting capabilities to lower the total cost of operations of saltwater disposal. With trailer-mounted or permanent installations, the Flex Flow HPS SWD system offers significant cost and performance advantages over conventional triplex positive displacement pumps. The system has been optimized for Permian Basin applications with field-proven directly-coupled, multistage centrifugal pumps designed for high pressure, low- to- medium-flow saltwater transfer and injection. Surface facilities engineers using these systems have documented lower maintenance and repair costs, longer run-life and greater operating flexibility and efficiency.

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