GR Energy Services had been expanding the reach of its oilfield measurement equipment aboard wireline trucks throughout the United States, but one missing component was hindering operational efficiency: network connectivity in out-of-the-way locations and the ability to securely access real-time data remotely.

In partnership with GR, INS implemented Cradlepoint's cloud-managed, all-in-one routers in each vehicle, which gave GR reliable connectivity, comprehensive security, and robust cloud management tools to increase efficiencies by connecting its vehicles to the Internet and to the company network. Cradlepoint's purpose-built in-vehicle solution provides Unified Threat Management (UTM), multizone firewall, web content filtering, and Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems (IPS/IDS).

By using Cradlepoint's high-performance 4G LTE routers with dual-modem functionality, GR has automatic and instant cellular-to-cellular failover whenever one carrier's coverage drops off. The system also leverages load balancing, using multiple carriers to ensure the flexibility of keeping GR trucks connected all the time, even in the middle nowhere.

With always-on connectivity, GR avoids making unnecessary trips to the wellsite, and operators are ensured reliable online access to real-time data.

With a built-in firewall, CP Secure Web Filter, CP Secure Threat Management for IPS/IDS, and a constant VPN tunnel back to the data center, GR has the information security it needs to block unwanted website usage and protect employees and the network from malicious sites.

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